Bear Package

Bear Level 4The Bear – considered an undefeatable creature, strong, resilient, and yet in many folklore stories and fairy tales they manage to be very charismatic, also. Isn’t that how you’d like to be perceived with in the Social Networks?  Undefeatable. Resilient. Charismatic. These are great qualities to endure when competing in the online industry.

And you can easily compete with your competition with the Bear Package.  Loaded with everything from the Lynx Package, you’ll also get Google Alerts to help you monitor you own company and other specifics related to your industry to stay on top of everything. Indigo Creations will also design and help manage Facebook and Twitter ads – geared specifically for your target market.

For a quick glance at what the Bear Package offers:

  • 8 daily updates across your networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest,  and YouTube
  • Facebook Monitoring
  • Twitter Monitoring
  • LinkedIn Monitoring
  • Google+ Monitoring
  • Pinterest Monitoring
  • YouTube Monitoring
  • 15 Engagements weekly with Followers
  • Facebook and Twitter Ads
  • Google Alerts

Be the mighty bear in your industry! And do it while helping conservation projects around the world. If you have questions about this package or want to purchase it for $850/month, just contact us here.