Conservation Project

EcoConservationIf you’ve read one of our recent blog posts or kept up with us on Facebook or Twitter, then you’ve probably caught wind of big changes happening behind these indigo curtains of magical awesomeness. So with these big changes – the biggest is how we’re structuring our entire functionality.

Indigo Creations has decided we won’t give back just in our personal lives, but that it will be the essence of our core values and goals. This is something we’re all very passionate about and why not make it a part of our work lives, too?

So, to let’s dive right into the heart of these changes.

Indigo Creations will be donating a hefty percentage of our profits to a select few conservation projects located around the world. These projects are animal and eco conservation projects that we’ve done deep research on.  Some of our requirements of the projects we choose are:

  • Smaller projects
  • No big funders/sponsors already
  • Majority of money goes to the project not to administrative costs
  • Projects we can stand behind fully

First conservation project at hand is Cheetah Experience located in South Africa.  A good friend of Kiki’s volunteers regularly there. This friend, we’ll call Jo, has given first hand experiences and information of what is needed, the lack of funds that they receive, as well as the heart and soul of the organizers. Kiki has always talked with the organizers personally and is providing a healthy amount of information about Cheetah Experience here.

In summary, Cheetah Experience started because of one cheetah in need – now they help several  cheetahs and other felines from South Africa.  They help every animal they can. This is obviously expensive as these big kitties eat lots, require land, medicine, and so much more I cannot begin to list here. It’s all been compiled here, though. So please click and read about Cheetah Experience.

There is an eco – conservation project located in Serbia, where Kiki lives now, that is in dire need of help. This project has not been 100% confirmed yet as the talks are still underway. But as soon as something is final, there will be a plethora of information to read about the conservation project, also.

With these changes, a certain level of transparency is required with Indigo Creations that isn’t required when you’re just a regular for-profit company. When you start giving back, you not only open your records for people to see, but you open your soul.

So, we here at Indigo Creations ask that you join us in helping save these beautiful animals and the beautiful eco-system we hope to be helping, also. The bigger Indigo Creations grows, the more we can do to help these projects.