Falcon Package

Falcon Level 2The Falcon, while smaller than the Eagle, is still a fierce predator. A skilled hunter and a territorial bird, the Falcon is also one of the fastest birds in the world. And the Falcon Package is a great way to speed up your authority and online presence. The Falcon Package is packed with everything from the Eagle Package and gives the added benefits of building your existence on LinkedIn and Google+, two necessities in the Social Networking world to establish a strong identity and following online.

Allow the added exposure on Google+ and LinkedIn to not only boost your presence, but give you a wider range of networking and reaching out to Potential Clients and Followers. This is how a smart business grows and succeeds.

Here are the goodies of the Falcon Package you can count on to boost your audience and authority:

  • 3 daily updates across your networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • Facebook Monitoring
  • Twitter Monitoring
  • LinkedIn Monitoring
  • Google+ Monitoring
  • 7 Engagements weekly with Followers