Foxglove Package

Foxglove Level 3The misunderstood Foxglove. Poor flower and herb gets a bad rep. Long before the negative connotation that surrounds the Foxglove, it was known as a plant that attracted good things and was a plant used for healing severe health issues.  It was the original, natural substance used in heart medications. It was used to help attract positiveness into one’s life. It helps stimulate life among plants, animals, and humans.

What better way to represent a package that is known for stimulating growth than with the Foxglove!  Every month you’ll have 3 emails to connect and stimulate growth among your loyal Clients. We’ll use your 1 hour strategy planning to plan out perfect emails to truly fertilize the relationships, protect them, and improve them.

Here are the details on the Foxglove Package:

  • 3 email per month
  • 300-500 words
  • creative layout primed for your industry and audience
  • monthly reports
  • link-building back to your website
  • 1 hour strategy planning
  • Custom email banner

Never hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to purchase this package for $99/month. Whatever package you decide on, know you’re helping to conserve the natural beauty of the world for our future to enjoy, also.