Giving Back

Because I careIndigo Creations cares. Plain and simple. There is no other way to say it. Nor is there a better way to say it.

Indigo Creations is in the process of going green and donating hefty portions of the profits every month to a select few conservation projects in dire need.  To help us promote our message is our new mascot, Lesha.

Lesha, short for Leshachikha, is on all of our badges that Clients get when they hire us for services for their companies. Leshachikha has a story, as all great things generally do. So here’s Leshachikha’s story.

The idea behind having Leshachikha came from a random conversation Kiki was having with friend and Client, Mishka of Accio Lacquer. Kiki does her family genealogy on the side and had been searching info on her great grandmother from Western Ukraine. Kiki’s great grandmother’s surname holds the root word for the hazel tree in Russian/Ukrainian. However, in the process of finding out this information, Kiki stumbled upon this wonderful little mythological creature called Leshy. Leshachikha is his wife. The minute she started to read the information about Leshy to Mishka, it hit her like a mental 2×4.

Leshy (and Leshachikha) is a guardian of the forests and of the forests’ animals. He is not an evil creature, but is mischievous in that he will hide the axes of woodcutters, lead wanderers astray – especially when they’re hunting in the woods, and will tickle them to death on some occasions. Indigo Creations has positioned themselves to be guardians of the Earth.  Indigo Creations is going to do whatever is possible in their position to help preserve and protect. And so, Kiki got in touch with her Slavic roots (though she’s wrapped in them really and didn’t have to reach out far) and called upon Leshachikha to help Indigo Creations spread the company’s vision of conservation.

While you’ll mostly find information about Leshy, the male counterpart of the two, Indigo Creations decided to use Leshachikha to represent them as they are a group of extremely passionate women with a mission. It was only logical to use Leshachikha’s image over Leshy’s image.

So, join Leshachikha in protecting our animals and natural environment!

With every purchase of any service offered by Indigo Creations, the Client is entitled to proudly display the Lesha Badge on their site to show that everything is being done in his or her to make a difference. We appreciate the efforts! But the conservation projects appreciate it more!

Click here to learn more about our efforts to help a few selected conservation projects.

Click here to learn more about our efforts on being a green business.