Going Green

Go GreenWith the conservation projects we’re helping, Indigo Creations is also aiming to be 100% green certified by the end of 2013. Or as close as possible, as certifying could be interesting since Indigo Creations is technically spread across 3 continents.  We’re already on the road to success as our hosting company is green, and we’re registered as carbon neutral through the Dutch organization, Cleanbits.

Helping our planet in any way possible is a key motivation for us ladies.  We care so much about our Mother Earth and the fauna and flora she provides for us to enjoy that we feel the need to do what we can to make it last for many more generations.

Part of our program of going green includes using as little paper products as necessary, recycling when possible, cutting down on any wastes, and so much more. Along with our conservation project, we are aiming to start planting trees through a few different organizations to help offset carbon problems, and to help make the world greener.

This is not an overnight project, which is why we are giving ourselves 12 months to make it happen. We know it can happen quicker than that and we’re aiming for sooner. However, for us to be faithful to our mission we must all make sure that in all of our locations we’re doing what is possible on our ends to be greener in life – professionally and personally.

If you are a green company and have suggestions that have helped you, please contact us. We are open to any and all possibilities to make a better impact for the future.

Please join us in the fight for our world, her gifts to us, and our children’s children. Shop with Indigo Creations and companies with similar goals and values for life.