About Indigo Creations

Indigo CreationsTo explain the history and essence of Indigo Creations isn’t a short paragraph or two.  This requires understanding the people behind Indigo Creations, and truly understanding the goals of the founder of Indigo Creations. To perfectly sum it up, the Mission Statement says it best:


Mission Statement

Indigo Creations helps female entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for their online business while teaching the core of what’s needed for online success and growth. But Indigo Creations goes one step further in helping. A percentage of all profits goes to a select few land and animal conservation projects worldwide. Know that from the beginning, your company is changing the world.

Brief History of Indigo Creations

Originally, the owner and founder of Indigo Creations (Media Solutions) started off as strictly a Copywriting business. However, the need and desire to expand into other aspects of online marketing pushed forth in creating Indigo Creations Media Solutions.  The original copywriting aspect of the company still exists and functions with and without Media Solutions. Writing is still the soul passion of Indigo Creations (hence the logo) but we do so much more than that.

Future Goals of Indigo Creations

Indigo Creations plans to further grow their Client base and to help support the select few land and animal conservation projects as much as possible. As Indigo Creations grows, we plan to help more female entrepreneurs be the best they can be as well as reach out to help support more and more conservation programs.

Our vision for the future is to help all entrepreneurs and small businesses know that they can make a difference from the very beginning of their journey in the business world. That boost of confidence makes all the difference when starting out. We know. Know you’re starting out on the right foot in making a difference in the world when working with Indigo Creations.

If you have questions for us, please feel free to contact us.