Lynx Package

Lynx Level 3The sleek Lynx, known for agility and keen sight. Perfect fit of the Lynx Package with everything from the Falcon Package plus establishing your presence on YouTube and Pinterest.  You’ll now have 5 daily updates across your social networks, 12 engagements, and monitoring as always.

You’ll now be broadening your presence across 6 Social Networks giving optimal exposure, Client building opportunities, and the perfect way to get your content out into the electronic world. It’s a statistical fact that imagery is the best way to get someone’s attention – from videos to images. We are attracted to images before words. So there is nothing better than having accounts on YouTube and Pinterest using visual aids to help attract Clients.

Here’s the scoop on the Lynx Package:

  • 5 daily updates across your networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest,  and YouTube
  • Facebook Monitoring
  • Twitter Monitoring
  • LinkedIn Monitoring
  • Google+ Monitoring
  • Pinterest Monitoring
  • YouTube Monitoring
  • 12 Engagements weekly with Followers

You can contact us with questions or if you want to purchase this package for $650/month. Don’t let the competition slide past you! And as with all purchases, a huge percentage of profits goes to giving back to conservation projects worldwide.