10 Ways to Have a Healthy You & Business

Be HealthyI will be the first to admit that my health has gone down hill since I started working from home as a freelancer and then moving into building Indigo Creations. I sit all day. My shoulders, neck, and back hate me now. I used to see a personal trainer twice a week and walk everywhere in the city.  Now, I walk around the city 1-2 times  a week if I’m lucky.  Building a company is not easy. But we must maintain our health. Without our own health, our business fails, too.  Then we have to ask what the point of it all was.

Whether you’re a solo gig or running a small business, we get sidetracked and wrapped up in work. It happens. Don’t beat yourself up over it. But don’t let it ruin your life either. Find the balance.  Here are 10 ways to get your health back on track and to help your business grow because of it.

1.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to attempt everything on your own. There are many opportunities where you can spread the work between others to keep yourself from spreading yourself thin.

2.  Eat better.  We should all be eating the best we can.  But it’s even more important when we take on the these business roles to eat healthy. A proper diet can help so many aspects of your life that could be stressing you out that affect your business. Eating better also gives you the proper nutrients to fuel your mind to be as productive as possible.

3.  Walk/Stretch every hour.  Might seem crazy, but I speak from experience getting up and stretching my legs and arms have saved me. When I don’t do it regularly, my body revolts against me making the most basic of tasks a bit complicated. Just set an alarm for every 60 minutes. Get up and do basic stretches or walk around your house/building.

4.  Physical activity once a week. Make sure, at least on your weekends, you’re getting out and being as active as possible. Go running, hiking, or whatever. Just do it. Don’t sit. This has become my new routine. I live in Belgrade, Serbia which is a beautiful city to live in. I like to walk around the city for hours at a time on the weekend exploring my usual spots and finding new ones. I only take public transport when necessary.

5.  Meditate for 5 minutes in the morning.  Start your day off with perfect silence. Learning to sit still and silently will help train our minds to stay focused in every aspect of our lives.

6.  Be creative whenever possible.  Whether you’re an artist or not, find a way to get creative. Write, read fiction books, cook, something. Just be creative.  This keeps our minds balanced from all the left brain tasks we have to manage for growing our businesses.

7.  Drink lots of water.  First off, water is the most important thing you should be putting into your organism in the first place.  Second, drink enough and it’ll keep your bladder active, flushing out toxins and keeping you on your feet at least a couple times a day.

8.  Take a break.  It cannot be stressed enough to all of us how important breaks are.  We think because we work from home or are the boss, that we shouldn’t stop. Wrong! Stop what you’re doing and break at least twice a day for 15 minutes. You owe yourself those 15 minutes to step away and maybe stretch or just walk around. Just get away from the work.

9.  Keep a routine.  Our bodies like routines. It’s human nature. Create the routine that works for you, make sure it includes breaks and exercise.  Sleep at regular times. Work at regular times. Just get in the rhythm of it and your body will thank you for it later.

10.  Remember to have fun.  There is an old saying my mom told me when growing up (and still reminds me of nowadays) – “When you have 2 coins, one goes to food and one goes to a flower.”  This is to remind us to enjoy the beauty and fun in life. Don’t waste everything on necessities without enjoying the life you’re creating. If you don’t enjoy it, then why are you working the way you are anyway?


So these are my 10 methods to my madness.  How do you go about maintaining a healthy life and business? Tell us below in the comments!



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