10 Ways to Be Productive

chart upWe all have those days.  You know what I’m talking about.  Where you sit down in the morning to get your day started. You want to be productive. You feel productive. And then – nothing happens. It happens to the best of us! You’re not alone. I promise!  We here at Indigo Creations definitely have our moments of non-productivity.

So we’ve compiled a list of 1o ways we like to keep on toes and be productive during the day.  Hopefully, at least one of these will work for you.  We all need that kick to the rump sometimes.

  • Break projects into smaller pieces. Sometimes we get big projects, or multi-aspect projects, and we just stress. It’s not because the project is hard, but it’s because we don’t know how or where to start. So break it down. Work on each smaller piece. And set a deadline to have these smaller pieces done so that the whole project is finished on time. 
  • Delegate tasks. If you have the ability to get someone to help you do something, don’t be scared to ask for the help! Seriously. We all need it sometimes. If you don’t work with others, see if you can ask a friend or someone you know that would know what you need done. Maybe it’ll be the beginning of a beautiful working relationship.
  • Stop checking email obsessively.  We’re all guilty! It’s okay. Just takes a little self-training.  Most of us use Outlook or something similar. If so, just sign onto your computer, and start your day with tasks and actual work. Finish your most important task or your tiny, annoying tasks and then open your email.
  • Take advantage of technology.  Seriously. That’s why it’s there – to make our lives easier!  Most of the software we use can be integrated with other software, uses shortcuts, or just plan does everything for us. But most of us don’t know that… best is to read about your software!  Learn it and use it to its full abilities to make your life easier!
  • Train employees/helpers adequately. If you are running a business with others, try to make sure everyone is on the same page or has the knowledge they need for their job. If you’re contracting someone to help you, make sure they’re properly educated before you hire them.
  • Use a dry-erase board for organization.  We all do lots of organizing. Sometimes this requires lots of writing and rewriting. Sometimes it’s not so easy to have it all spread out on a computer to get the full picture. However, here at Indigo Creations we like to save on paper to help reduce our trash (part of our going green campaign) and so we love dry-erase boards! Wipe and write! You can even get those great magnetized ones and then they become multi-purpose boards for your business.
  • Block distracting sites.  I’m so horrible at this one. No lie. Facebook is open right now!  And YouTube videos I want to watch for purpose projects I’m working on! I try to lie to myself and say I’m multi-tasking.  But that gets NOTHING finished.  Just save all your links somewhere. Close the tabs and work.  Set timers if you have to – but don’t open those sites up!
  • Write daily goals. You can do this on that dry-erase board mentioned above. 😉  But set them!  Get up in the morning. Go into your work space. Sit down and figure out what HAS to get done today, what you’d like to get done today, and what can wait if needed.  Set your goals. Time them out. Take breaks. Reward yourself with coffee.  But write those goals to help you realize you’re getting something done during the day. It helps so much. Seriously.
  • Knock out the worst task first. Get that haunting task out of the way first thing! Knock it out and be done with it!  Then, if you get nothing else accomplished in the day (we know that’s not the case) you’ll at least have the beast done.  Just bite the bullet and do it. It won’t kill you. Promise.
  • Set deadlines.  When you work from home, like we do, it can be hard to feel like you have certain times things have to be done. I mean, this is why we work from home, right?!  Well, things still have to get done in an orderly fashion. So set some realistic deadlines for you tasks when you write out that daily goal’s list on the dry-erase board. You’ll see how easy it is to get it done when you just focus.

Alright.  These 10 help us more than you can imagine.  Hopefully they’ll help you, too. If not, maybe you just to exercise a little bit to help you out.

Do you have some other productivity tips that help you out? Share them in the comments for everyone else to try!! Let’s help each other all be productive and successful here!

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