Letting Go of Control

Creative Process is SurrenderIf you are like me, you like to control things whether you’re a complete control freak or not.  However, in the business world – even as an entrepreneur – you cannot always be in control of things and situations.  Even as an entrepreneur, I’m paired with other entrepreneurs and freelancers to help achieve the goals of Indigo Creations and the goals of their businesses. It’s always a team effort.

Never in the time of history can you truly go at it alone.  You have to learn something from another source, from another person. I’m not the best in coding. I won’t lie. If I need help because I can’t get an aspect of a site to function the way I need it to, then I will ask my more experienced friends to help out if they can.

But… when you’re an entrepreneur, you attempt to do everything on your own for whatever reason:

  • you want to do it all on your own (you think you want this)
  • you think you’re saving money
  • you don’t want to be “dependent” on someone else
  • etc, etc, etc

I’ve heard them all. Used them all, too. And you can still maintain all of these reasons actually and still work with others. However, it will require to you to do one thing:

Let Go

Yeah. I know. That’s always hard to swallow.  But it’s something you must learn to do early in the game. It will hold you back if you can’t. I promise. I learned the hard way actually.  I took on that head-strong mentality of “I’m going to do it all on my own; I don’t need anyone else.”   Oh did that bite me in the ass.  But luckily, it bit early enough in the game that it didn’t drag me down so much.

There are ways to get through the struggle of letting go and allowing others to take control of the reins. And this process is different for every individual and for every situation.  I’ll give you a personal story.

I was doing everything for Indigo Creations.  I was trying to juggle every aspect of the company and learn other parts all the same time. It wears you down. It pulls you thin.  It’s definitely possible, but it’s tiring. I was blessed to have a dear friend of mine who believed in Indigo Creations as much as I did and wanted to help however she could.  She was in the process of starting up her own business, too.  So we struck up an arrangement of how we could work things out. She wanted to handle my social media marketing because this is what she was most interested in.  So we sat down and I told her how I’d been doing everything and she started to run with it. She was reading all these books, blogs, “experts” and just ran.  Now, at first I had a very hard time swallowing this. I wanted to know everything and be part of it, but due to the two of us living in different parts of the world that wasn’t logical. It was hurting Indigo Creations. I had to realize that she would not do anything to jeopardize Indigo Creations.  She loves this company as much as I do, if not more at times. I had to trust her. I had to let go. I had to give her control.

The minute I did that – my shoulders relaxed a little. Now, she doesn’t go doing huge things without at least asking my opinion, but in general she schedules almost all of social media posts, handles most of the accounts without me even touching them. Social Media is her baby.  It’s now a huge part of what she’s doing within her own company because she realized how much she actually enjoyed it.

So, I’m still in control of the type of content that is posted, all big social media projects are built together, but I don’t have to do it all. I don’t have to see every little Tweet or LinkedIn post. She knows me. She knows Indigo Creations. It’s all about trusting the person you’re working with.

Can you trust people?  If so, then you can let go.  You can relinquish some aspects, even if just temporarily, to help you get further ahead and stabilized while you’re building your business.  Doesn’t mean it has to stay like that or that you’re not handling your own business. It means you’re being smart about how to manage your tasks and focus on what requires your attention most and what doesn’t.

What are your ways for letting go? How do you handle letting someone else be in control of some aspect of your business? Share in the comments below!  We’d love to know how you do it! Maybe we can form a great list of methods to share with everyone in the near future!

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