Pin Huh? Pin Who? Pin What? Pinterest!

pinterest graphic“Pinterest…what the heck is that?” Is usually the response I get whenever I try discussing anything pertaining to Pinterest to the average person. Or not so average person for that matter as well. Though it is a popular and fast growing social media platform there are still quite a few people who still do not know what Pinterest is and if they do know about the platform, don’t understand it.

Pinterest in layman’s terms is a website and social media platform much like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in that you can follow your favorite people or people you know; you can post updates (just not in the traditional sense), and you can let the world know even more about you as a person or your company. The difference is Pinterest is all about the visual. It is a platform where you can post pictures along with embedded links to things you find interesting. From painters to celebrities, to artists and clothes, to clothes’ designers and shoes; and so much more. Pinterest can appeal to anyone and everyone as well as being an excellent way to overcome the language and culture barriers one may encounter at times when interacting with people from all over the world. It is also a sight for those who are visual creations: those that love to see and learn by sight; are visual learners, lovers, and needers.

Though Pinterest can appear to be hard to navigate that is only because it has such a sophisticated look and feel, but once a person plays a little with the site you are sure to find the site extremely user-friendly. Though words have a way of captivating and drawing a person in, especially allowing an individual to use their imagination; Pinterest still allows an individual to use their imagination but with a little assistance. It brings thoughts, desires, wants, likes, dislikes, and all that makes a person, company, or character who it is, to colorful life in such a fun and easy way.

I would definitely suggest creating a Pinterest account for yourself as an individual and as a company as soon as possible and for more information on how to use Pinterest check out Indigo Creations’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pages all today (Monday) for some great links, sites, and articles. We will also be covering in detail in the near future on how to use Pinterest for your internet based business so make sure to keep your eye out for it, or just subscribe to the newsletter to always stay up to date with all the current information!!!

Do you already use Pinterest?  How do you like it? Tell us your thoughts below in the comments!



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