Podio: Almost Better Than Chocolate

Podio OrganizerI’m not sure if you’re like me, but I’ve been through software option after software option for keeping track of everything for Indigo Creations. Having team members makes that much more complicated in finding something that allows them access, also.  But I’ve found finally my solution – Podio.  It’s a funny name for a company, but you won’t forget it once you use it. Podio is almost better than chocolate in many ways. I wasn’t kidding when I made that the headline of this post.


What is Podio and Why is It Almost Better Than Chocolate?

So you might be asking yourself what is Podio and how could it possibly be better than chocolate. Where to start!

Podio is an online platform that allows you to manage various workflows all in one location. It’s like having a virtual office for you and any team members you might have as well as the ability to invite Clients to projects so that everyone can collaborate in one space. Say good-bye to back and forth emails to make sure everyone is on the same page, files can be saved into projects so that everyone has the proper edition of the files, and so much more!


How Does Podio Function?

Podio allows users to create workspaces where you can then use various Podio and Podio-User Apps to help organize and maintain your projects and tasks. There are calenders, to-do lists, ways to create all sorts of wonderful aspects of your virtual office. Honestly, the only limits you have are the ones you create. The apps that are available are just crazy brilliant! You have the option to create your own app if you don’t find what you need with something already in existence. I don’t think that’ll be the case for many though.

The organizational possibilities are magnificent, also. Within my Podio account, I have about 10 workspaces created. Each of these workspaces is dedicated to a specific aspect of what Indigo Creations does. There is also a workspace I call “The Supply Closet” that houses links and resources I treasure and want to share with those listed as Employees within Podio. The software is structured that when you do the initial setup and give it your work email address, in my case I gave it one of the @iccopywriting.com addresses I have, every person I list as an employee must have an email address on the same domain. But, while you may not have email addresses for everyone, you can still grant them access to everything except the “Employee Network” which is  a place non-employees cannot access. So it’s like your break room of sorts but with more productivity. These are just a few bits about how Podio functions and the possibilities you will treasure.


Why Should You Choose Podio?

Well, one reason Podio is amazing – it’s free! Chocolate isn’t even free. There is a paid version of Podio that you may need depending on how large of a company you have. But as an entrepreneur or small business owner, the free said should be enough. There are no options withheld from you if you do not have a paid account, either. You get the full deal as a free member.

Podio is also something I know everyone can grow with. Maybe you’re a small company need with 1-5 people, but say you end up growing until 50 employees plus Clients you have invited to Podio, then you can expand your account to handle that volume. With this elasticity, you don’t have to change your virtual office to compensate for your growth which is the problem with most software on the market.

Just check it out yourself! You won’t lose anything to see if it’s right for you. Here’s a direct link to everything – click here – and take advantage of such a powerful piece of free software. I doubt you’ll regret it!  Let us know in the comments what you think about Podio!

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