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Simple Web DesignWhen looking to build a website, it is easy to be sucked in to all the flash and glam we see on some websites. For some websites this works perfectly.  But for most, it doesn’t. Actually, simple is, 90% of the time, the best route to go.  Simple is clear, concise, and direct. And direct is what you want when building a website for your business. You want people to know what you do, how you do it, and how you can help them.

So how does a simplistic web design help you?

Simple! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) On a serious note, it’s actually quite easy to see the benefits of a simplistic design. Think about this – when someone lands on your page, it’s because they are in search of something. That something brought them to you. You want to make sure that they stay there; that they choose you instead of someone else for whatever they’re seeking. And it doesn’t have to be for a product or service you’re selling. You could just be a blogger that wants to share your love and passion and you want to keep those loyal readers.

And I have a perfect example of how this works. Take wonderful Client, Accio Lacquer. Now – if you view that link, you’ll see the old design of her site. It was laid out nicely. The colors were complimentary. It was easy on the eyes.  This design is still simple.  However, we decided to take it a step further. Below are two clickable thumbnails of old and new site designs for Accio Lacquer:

Web Design Accio LacquerAccio Lacquer

Now, her site has grown exponentially since her launch just a few months ago. Her following is astronomical, and since she is also a personal friend of mine, I couldn’t be more proud to see her numbers.  But let’s talk about the design some.  If you look at her old design, it’s sweet, has a little bit of pop and glam. But it’s not over the top. Still nice. However, all we did was completely white out the background, go solid black on her logo, and organize her sidebar more and her design is near flawless. Her readers love being able to always find what they want. Yes, her home page is a bit longer, but this girl pounds out posts daily and is never sleeping to bring her readers the information about fabulous nail polishes and nail art 24/7.

Her site stats prove my point, too.  And I’ll show them as of the time of writing this post:

Stats AL

Just click that and see!  This girl averages more views per day than most big bloggers I know! And she’s only been at this for a couple months. Insane!  And it did nothing but get better when we swapped the design in February. She has Indie polish makers contacting HER to review their polishes because they’ve heard how great she is.

If you look at the new design (go ahead and click that image open in another tab so you can see what I’m saying), you’ll see that, yes, the site is monochromatic minus accents of that beautiful purple color.  You’ll notice two menus for perfect organization of her main pages and categories.  Then, in the side bar, she gives her readers even easier options to find information about their favorite polishes based on which movie or series the polishes are created. The designs of those buttons are catchy, but still so simple.

Look at the Indigo Creations’ site.  This is great for businesses.  You land on the home page with clear images, offering brief bits of information about the page. You scroll just a little and you see three main categories of our services. The colors are simple and pleasing to the eye. Everything has a simple flow to it.

So it doesn’t matter what you’re site is about, simple is great. It’s easy and your Clients and Readers love you for being able to find everything they are looking for. And on top of it all, flashy sites generally slow your website done. This causes annoyances and your Clients and Readers will click away.

If you need a beautiful yet simple website, check out our offers and then contact us with any questions you might have.  We’re always eager to help entrepreneurs and small business owners.

How do you feel about simplistic design for websites?  Tell us in the comments!  Do you like or hate them? Do you prefer more flash and glam?

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