Peony Package

Peony Level 5The Peony is a flower symbolizing prosperity. The definition of prosperity – a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune – is exactly what can be expected from selecting the Peony Package.  The Peony is sacred among many societies, even today, for the presence it is known for bestowing.

While it is similar to the Lily Package, there is enough distance to make it worth everything. Giving 4 emails a month – one a week traditionally – and with a larger word count allowance you have all the time every month to spread the information and message you want your Clients and Readers to know.

Let the Peony guide you to the success you want and desire in your industry.

Rundown of the Peony Package:

  • 4 email per month
  • 600-900 words
  • creative layout primed for your industry and audience
  • monthly reports
  • link-building back to your website
  • 2 hour strategy planning
  • Custom email banner

Questions? Want the Peony Package for $169/month? Then click here contacting us and letting know how we can help you. And click with confidence and pride, your purchase helps conservation projects worldwide. Make s difference for the world while you’re making a difference for your company.