Periwinkle Package

Periwinkle Level 2The Periwinkle is a flower of friendship. And with the Periwinkle Package, that’s exactly what you’ll be building – friendships.  The Periwinkle Package contains everything the Bellflower Package does and more.

Build relationships with your Followers! Do it personally but professionally with the Periwinkle Package where you have 2 emails a month with 200-400 words to truly connect and give them what they need as your Clients.

Use your 2 emails a month to offer freebies, special offers for being on your mailing list, discounts, or just use them as a way to truly figure out what your Clients need from you and what you can offer them.

Here’s the quick list of the Periwinkle Package:

  • 2 email per month
  • 200-400 words
  • creative layout primed for your industry and audience
  • monthly reports
  • link-building back to your website
  • 1 hour strategy planning
  • Custom email banner

If there are questions you have about the Periwinkle Package or want to purchase this friendship building package for $69/month, just click here to contact us instantly. Always remember that with your purchase you’re helping to preserve a natural environment for the future.