Terms & Services

Please read everything carefully before finalizing a purchase with Indigo Creations. If you have questions, contact Indigo Creations immediately.

  • We will give you an estimated start date once we receive your order. The start date is when we will start on your design but we may be able to get to you much faster if we finish up quicker than expected on current projects or have cancellations. WE currently have been averaging 1 – 1.5 weeks per design but it all depends on how many revisions you want and how long it takes to find any commercial graphics you require as well as my current Client list.
  • Communication from Client: If we do not hear from you for more than 10 days after the last email we will place your design on ‘hold;’ if after another 5 days we still have not heard from you we will cancel your design. No refunds will be given.
  • Half of the package price is required to hold your spot in line & the second half of your package price plus any graphics/images that were purchased is due upon launch. No refunds are given at any time, no exceptions (unless we need to cancel the project),  due to the digital nature of the work. Please make sure you wish to hire Indigo Creations before you pay your deposit! If you are unhappy with the work please communicate this to us before installation & we’d be happy to work with you until you are satisfied.
  • We limit your revisions to 3 per item (3 header revisions, 3 logo revisions, 3 color scheme revisions, etc.) before additional charges apply.
  • Prior to installation it is the Client’s responsibility to back up & save their website/blog and any affiliated programs (this includes but is not limited to: Google Analytics codes, feedburner information, all photos & posts/content, all email – if you use an email address that is associated with your domain name, and any login & passwords). Indigo Creations & it’s employees are not responsible for any lost work, photos, emails or any other related programs, codes or information as a result of a design installation and/or move to a different site/host/domain.
  • After work is complete (and installed if applicable) we are available to make changes for one week ONLY. If you need revisions please e-mail us before then otherwise we cannot do it. If you still require a revision we would be happy to make you a new one for a reduced price but it may be awhile since we’d have to work you in. Please remember this and look over all finished work within that one week time-frame so that we may quickly edit & send a new version.
  • You will have all finished, flattened work in your media section of your blog (Self-hosted wordpress) or a draft post for permanent storage & quick retrieval should you delete your design/images accidentally. Additional files will be provided upon request at the time of installation if they do not violate these terms & conditions and are appropriate to the needs of the Client. Indigo Creations reserves the right to deny Clients a copy of individual design elements on a case by case basis.
  • Unless you pay for a logo design (this differs from header) the copyright to your design remains with me. All additional design work must be done by me or express written permission must be obtained from me for another designer (or yourself) to create additional items with pieces/images/parts of your design (example: business cards, facebook pages, twitter pages, printed materials, etc.)
  • No matter the nature of the copyright (ours or yours) all items are listed in our portfolio. If for some reason this is not acceptable due to some sort of security reason, please notify us before finalizing the deal.
  • We require you to have a clickable link to this website (indigomediasolutions.com) in your footer for all design work saying Designed by: Indigo Creations Media Solutions or Indigo Creations for the entire time that the work (whole or in part) is used/displayed on your site.
  • As a Client you will be offered and encouraged to show support to our Giving  Back efforts by displaying our “Because I care” web badge which will be linked back to our webpage describing our Giving Back projects. This is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.
  • WordPress Themes: Clients may not alter, change, sell, share, move or copy any part of the design elements in whole or in part. The purchase of blog design or any service offered is meant  to be used for single project on a single URL-unless express written consent is given by Indigo Creations to the Client. The Client is granted a license to display the work, but Indigo  Creations retains the ownership of the design. Clients may not copy the template, code or elements and/or transfer them to another blog, website or online format of any kind.
  • Clients are welcome to provide their own photos or purchase royalty-free (stock) images themselves provided that they are responsible for complying with license agreement(s) and photography copyrights. Neither Indigo Creations nor employees will be liable for photos or design elements provided by the Client. Client is responsible for complying with U.S. Copyright Law – even if the Client lives outside the U.S. Failure to comply may result in legal action.
  • Indigo Creations will not copy another designers work. If you want an exact replica of a website/blog (in whole or in part) you’ve seen online or in print then we suggest you contact and hire the original designer. We are happy to create a custom look for you with the ‘feel’ of a site you like but refuse to infringe on another’s copyright.
  • These terms & conditions apply to all design work including purchased worked & winners of giveaways.