Web Design

Web DesignNowadays, half the people you might run into daily know something about web design. Doesn’t mean they are good. Web design takes patience, knowledge, and vision. Web design is about understanding your company, vision, and goals to fully display these graphically to the world so that they understand you and your firm.

Web Design is Special Why?

Here at Indigo Creations, we focus primarily on web design for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  We want to help the “little guy” get his company off the ground and soar to success.  There is nothing more rewarding that watching something you created grow into the full blown company you envisioned on the day you sat down to write your business plan. Having a proper web design for your company is like having the proper logo. Using proper web design and designers, the world will view your company as you dreamt it to be. They do this through your website.

Perks of Customized Web Design

Yes, you could buy a domain and hosting from someone and load up any WordPress theme (which we love mind you), and deal with whatever options you’re given.  However, hiring a professional to do your web design allows not only the simplicity of something like WordPress or Joomla, but we know how to fully customize everything so it’s 100% personalized and fitted for your brand. Yes, there are plenty of places to learn how to code and web design, too. But why would you waste the time in learning all this while still running your company?  Let someone who has time and knowledge tackle that task. There is no need to add even more to your plate when it’s not necessary.

Various Web Design Options Available

There are as many ways to customize and formulate your web design as there are websites on the internet. One of the most preferred web design options is WordPress which is what Indigo Creations uses for our own websites as well as our Clients. There are blogs, small business sites, informational sites, and eCommerce sites. All of these formats are available through our offered packages. Look through and find the perfect solution for you.  Contact us with your web design questions today so we can help your business have a solid foundation and home for your online enterprise.

Indigo Creations Web Design Packages

Indigo Creations offers 5 Web Design Packages. The prices range from $595 to $1295 depending on your budget and demands. Click on each package to find the perfect match for you.

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