Accio Lacquer

Web Design Accio LacquerToday’s newest showcase in the Indigo Creations’ portfolio is all about Accio Lacquer. Accio Lacquer is a personal blog of a nail-fanatic with a fan-girl streak for anything Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and other geeky awesomeness. The creative genius behind this site, Mishka, is a creative artist from United States.

With her site, we used a beautiful completely customized WordPress theme. Some other great goodies to her site are:

  • Custom logo and banner
  • Customized web design
  • Graphics for social media networks
  • Basic teachings in creating posts, pages, SEO setups
  • Created ‘Accio Lacquer’ watermarks

This has been a fun project to work on. This was something a bit different for Indigo Creations as no one knew the true following and massive nail blogger community. This has been a great learning experience for Mishka and for Indigo Creations.

And she even asked us to design her business cards! And since she just got them in, she was a doll and sent us photos to show the finished product instead of displaying the graphics we used to create her cards! These cards are beautiful!!!!



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