The Pixi Yogi

Pixi Yogi Web DesignA while ago, Indigo Creations teamed up with Steph, the soul and vision behind The Pixi Yogi. A young woman devoted to her path as a Kundalini Yogini, she wanted a place to share her experiences, lessons learned, and great findings along the way.  She’s what one might consider a freelancing yogini. And a damn good one at that! When we paired with The Pixi Yogi, we offered to help her establish the foundation of her website and show her the ropes. And we did just that.

Originally, we designed only her Facebook and website banner.  However, she decided on a complete site make-over and we gave her just that. The new look of her site launched on December 21, 2012.  We gave her:

  • a brand new logo
  • a completely different and custom themed site
  • the need-to-know on how to function on her new site
  • various bits of knowledge and tips for getting the most of her site
  • basic off-page SEO as we do with all web designs

She’s had nothing but wonderful compliments on her relaunch and we’re pleased to hear she and everyone like the new site so much!

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