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We’re Indigo Media. A small group of expert marketers who share your passion for travel and the outdoors.

Meet The Crew

Erin Salisbury smiling, sitting in a gondola, wearing a gray t shirt and a blue shoulder bag.

Erin Salisbury,
Co-Founder & Copy Chief

Erin combines her engineering background with a passion for the great outdoors, infusing creativity and data analytics into digital media to elevate outdoor recreation brands. Her love for snowboarding, skiing, climbing, and biking drives her commitment to delivering impactful results.

Justin Graham, co-founder of Indigo, smiling and wearing a backwards orange hat and long-sleeve blue t-shirt with orange rocks and a green plant in the background.

Justin Graham,
Co-Founder & SEO Lead

With a background in Environmental Engineering, Justin brings a mix of problem-solving skills and creative thinking to your SEO strategy. Justin's passion for travel, rock climbing, snowboarding, and creating music fuels his professional interest and commitment to these industries.

Henry Adams smiling, wearing a white hat and gray sweatshirt.

Henry Adams,
Business Growth & Development

Henry's professional background includes a diverse array of positions including marketing partnerships director, university researcher, GIS technician, as well as more adventurous pursuits like ski big air follow cam recording, and white water raft guiding. Henry's eclectic background fuels his innovative approach to growth at Indigo.

Brandt Bridges speaking into a microphone with an American flag behind him.

Brandt Bridges,
Copywriter & Content Creator

Brandt is a writer and teacher currently living and working in Aguascalientes, Mexico. He loves traveling the world, reading big books over pots of coffee, playing tennis and baseball, and helping clients and brands develop a unique voice.

Industries We Serve

Elevate your outdoor brand with our passion-driven marketing expertise, where a love for the outdoors meets proven results.

Man walking on a high line between two large mountains.

Outdoor Recreation

Above all else, we love to play outside. From skiing and rock climbing to surfing and highlining, our team does it all. Our love for the outdoors fuels our motivation to work with our favorite brands who make our natural playgrounds more accessible.

Man standing above Machu Picchu smiling and pointing down at the site.

Travel & Tourism

Our team is full of world travelers. Having spent extensive amounts of time exploring the diverse cultures and regions of the world, we've developed an in-depth understanding of the travel & tourism industry.

a green hilly field with sustainable windmills producing energy


Hand in hand with outdoor rec, protecting the planet is also a strong passion of ours. If you're a brand looking to make a difference for the environment, we're your team!

3 bowls of salad and other healthy food on a table.

Health & Wellness

Our team holds a shared interest in health and wellness, living it daily through fitness, nutritious eating, and mindfulness that help us continue to move well and explore more. This passion drives us to connect with brands that aim to improve people's quality of life.

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